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Coconut Grove is a beautiful place to live, full of beautiful rolling greens and public parks that are impeccably maintained by the city.  While your taxes help maintain the beautiful scenery, it is mystifying that the city doesn't allow citizens to maintain the same level of excellence with their own lawns, cutting back watering days and imposing other restrictions. That is where Greenstar Irrigation comes in. Greenstar is a licensed, fully accredited irrigation service in Coconut Grove. We can work with you to overcome the obstacles placed in your way by the city to get your lawn up to its highest potential. Many systems in the area are very old irrigation systems that cannot rise to the occasion to make a lawn really shine. Greenstar can implement our 7-point Irrigation Tune-up for just $49.95. This package addresses a host of common problems associated with irrigation systems. The first step to creating a beautiful lawn is to assess any problems and get them fixed right away. Greenstar Irrigation is here to help you do just that.

What are some of the problems encountered in older irrigation systems?

Maybe you have noticed that the system you are using isn't working properly anymore. Perhaps it is not putting out enough water at a consistently strong pressure. Maybe you set your system on a schedule and now it is suddenly missing watering days. Have you noticed brown spots on your lawn due to your sprinklers no longer having full, equal coverage? Are some of your sprinkler heads broken or non-functioning? Do they need adjusting to reach fully across the area meant to be covered? Greenstar Irrigation encounters these problems daily and knows how to fix them. Moreover, we know that problems arise on a regular basis and we work hard to make sure the system is always working at the peak of its potential. We offer a Quarterly Irrigation Service Maintenance Contract starting at $125 per year, ensuring all of the points of your system will be checked regularly in order to guarantee it is working as it should.

Water Restrictions

Miami-Dade County presents serious problems for those people who take pride in having a green, thick lawn. Water restrictions in effect severely limit the times and days you can water your lawn. Maybe you have run into problems with these restrictions yourself and wonder what can be done to ensure your lawn receives an adequate amount of water while still following these restrictive rules. Greenstar Irrigation knows about these rules and knows how to maximize your watering schedules in a way that closely adheres to these city imposed restrictions. You will never have to worry about the city showing up with a citation because you broke the rules. Running on the schedule set up by Greenstar means never having to worry about your lawn. At Greenstar we pride ourselves in making sure our customers have a lawn that is the pride of the neighborhood.

Celebrating 35+ Years of Service in South Florida

What Our Clients Are Saying ...

"We first used Greenstar last year for a leaking pipe in our sprinkler system. We called them on a Friday mid day and they came late in the afternoon and stayed until they fix the problem.......When we needed a new sprinkler system this year, we called Greenstar to do the work. They were punctual, professional, did excellent work and were worth every penny."

"They did a great overhaul of my sprinklers, adding heads, rerouting to improve flow, changing the pump and the controller. Huge improvement and professionally done! Thanks!"

"Very professional crew. Very satisfied with the work done."

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